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2 Articles from 2019

  • What to look for in a recruitment website design service

    What should I look for in a recruitment website design service? Choosing the right recruitment website design service can be a tricky undertaking. When searching the internet for vendors it can be daunting to know which platform is right for your business, afterall it's a very important decision for your company because it's essentially your shop front; the first thing your clients and candidates see when they visit you for your services. This article lists some of the requirements we believe are essential when choosing the right vendor....read more
  • Choosing the right recruitment software

    Which recruitment software is right for my recruitment business? When choosing recruitment CRM software for your business you first need to decide what you will be using the system for. Will you be using it as an ATS (Applicant tracking system), as a general business management tool; for example to keep track of your candidates, clients, contacts and their respective details, as a candidate and vacancy management tool; for example searchable candidates / vacancies by keywords, work locations and disciplines or a combination of all the above....read more