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Recruitment Website Design for Recruiters & Agencies

At Nodex, we create websites that offer the latest technology for recruiters and recruitment agencies. Our software is designed with your needs in mind, providing a fast and secure experience for your candidates and clients.

Our recruitment web platform (Fabricruitment) has been developed from the ground up to provide an exceptional user experience for both candidates and clients. Our team has more than 25 years of technical and practical recruitment expertise, which we leverage to give your company best recruitment website design.

With our in-house Content Management System you can manage your online presence with ease. You'll get access to Sitemap management, Cookie management, built-in GDPR tools and Google For Jobs integration, and much more.

With our recruitment web design service, we'll offer you one of our expertly designed recruitment website templates or a custom-built site that's perfect for your recruitment business.

With our robust infrastructure, your site will have the speed and power to deliver a high-quality experience for your clients and candidates.

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Recruitment website design
Recruitment website template
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Recruitment CRM Software

FabricCRM is a recruitment CRM that was built with scalability and performance in mind. This innovative recruiting tool combines state of the art search and matching technology to return you your records quickly and efficiently.

Easily find and recruit the right talent with our recruitment platform. Built to plug right in to your website, it's a quick and seamless way for candidates to interface with your recruitment CRM, submit timesheets and much more.

Now you can get a complete picture of your past communications with Candidates, Contacts, Clients and Prospects. Our software automatically integrates your emails to make it easier for you to stay organized and find the right person.

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Job Board Software

Choosing Nodex to power your job board or career portal will create a better experience for your candidates and clients. Our online web platform maximises performance, efficiency and ease of use to make it easier for you to get your candidates and clients more engaged.

Our enterprise-grade platform is built to scale and can handle millions of users while maintaining quick load times and high search performance.

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Recruitment website templates

Nodex offers a low-barrier-to-entry recruitment agency website template. With over 25 years of experience in recruitment and recruitment web technology, we know how to make a beautiful, mobile friendly, SEO-optimized recruitment website for you.

With our powerful Content management system and other website platform tools, you'll have everything you need to grow your recruitment consultancy online and shine out from your competitors.

You'll be amazed once you take a look at our website platform. It's the most comprehensive, highest featured and lowest cost recruitment website platform around. Our other clients can't stop praising our customer support, so rest easy knowing you're in good hands.

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