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Discover innovative recruitment solutions that transform the way you connect talent and opportunity. Our portfolio of bespoke recruitment website designs and state-of-the-art job board software showcases our commitment to elevating the recruitment experience.

Explore our case studies to see how we've empowered businesses to attract, engage, and hire top talent with efficiency and elegance. Let us help you redefine recruitment success in your industry.

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  • Barlow Jones
    Barlow Jones
    Barlow Jones is a respected recruitment agency that specialises in the field of data analytics. Situated in the United Kingdom the company has made a name for itself by focusing on connecting top tier analytics professionals with leading businesses and startups. This case study explores Barlow Jones strategic recruitment approach, in a industry its influence on the sector and the critical factors contributing to its success.
  • Emotiv Tech
    Emotiv Tech
    The redesign of Emotiv Tech's recruitment website by our team addressed critical issues of poor support and software inefficiency from their previous supplier. Our comprehensive overhaul focused on enhancing user experience, improving backend functionality, and ensuring platform stability.
  • Uteach Recruitment
    Uteach Recruitment
    In a strategic collaboration aimed at enhancing its digital footprint, Uteach, a specialist education and teaching recruitment agency, sought our expertise to revamp its website and CRM software. Facing challenges in attracting traffic and managing applications efficiently, our approach focused on redesigning the website for improved user engagement and optimising the CRM system for enhanced performance.
  • Sheridan Ward Recruitment
    Sheridan Ward Recruitment
    Sheridan Ward, a recruitment agency with over 20 years of experience, faced significant challenges due to poor support and ineffective SEO strategies from their previous website supplier. This resulted in decreased job applications and website traffic, hampering their growth.
  • Big Ant Group
    Big Ant Group
    Nodex revitalised The Big Ant Group's online presence by designing a high-performance website with integrated SEO, addressing the client's need for a modern, efficient platform. The project encompassed a sleek website redesign, implementation of high-speed architecture, and a comprehensive SEO strategy, enhancing usability and online visibility.
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