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3 Articles from 2017

  • Recruitment websites, GDPR, how does it effect recruitment agencies

    The hot topic of the moment is GDPR. Due to come into effect in May of 2018 GDPR or the General Data Protection Regulation has been created in the European Parliament by which the Council of the European Union and the European Commission aim to increase data protection for all individuals data inside the European Union and (post Brexit) the United Kingdom.There is much uncertainty over GDPR from the I.C.O regarding enforcement due to lack of clarity regarding consent of data collection, however, we feel that if you follow the simple guidelines as set out in the GDPR then your business will be operating on the right side of the legislation....read more
  • E-commerce website performance - a case study

    There is currently quite a lot of information on the internet about website performance in terms of page load speed. Unfortunately what most of it comes down to is what it known as “Monkey patching” or otherwise hacking on top of out dated technology to achieve a performance gain. Some developers however choose to do things differently, this post will focus on some technology and patterns used to gain a good balance between website performance, usability and scalability. Creating a fast platform has to start in the right place and fortunately for us we had a purpose built modular CMS or Content Management System built from the ground up to facilitate a fast website in a widely used production environment. One of the core principals of the CMS was to never compromise on performance, a principal which was later relaxed for module development due to the core system using so...read more