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Big Ant Group - a case study

Nodex revitalised The Big Ant Group's online presence by designing a high-performance website with integrated SEO, addressing the client's need for a modern, efficient platform. The project encompassed a sleek website redesign, implementation of high-speed architecture, and a comprehensive SEO strategy, enhancing usability and online visibility. This transformation led to improved organic traffic, engagement, and increased inquiries, positioning The Big Ant Group as a recruitment leader in the Devon and Plymouth area. Nodex's expertise in web development and SEO significantly contributed to the client's digital success, showcasing the impact of tailored solutions on business growth.

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Transforming The Big Ant Group's Online Presence

Client Overview

The Big Ant Group, a prominent consortium of companies specialising in recruitment services within the Devon and Plymouth area, faced challenges with their existing website. The site's outdated design and poor performance were significant hindrances, affecting their ability to attract both clients and candidates effectively.


Seeking to overhaul their digital footprint, The Big Ant Group approached Nodex, renowned for their expertise in crafting high-performance websites with integrated, top-tier SEO capabilities. The primary goal was to develop a robust platform that not only matched the contemporary aesthetic and functional expectations of users but also maximised visibility through superior search engine optimisation.


We embarked on a comprehensive project plan, focusing on the following key areas to revitalise The Big Ant Group's online presence:

  1. Website Redesign and Development: We initiated the project with a detailed analysis of the current website to identify areas for improvement. Leveraging the latest in web design trends and technologies, We proposed a sleek, user-friendly interface that facilitated easy navigation and enhanced user engagement. The new design was responsive, ensuring optimal viewing across various devices and screen sizes.

  2. High-Performance Architecture: Recognising the importance of website speed and reliability, We implemented a cutting-edge, high-performance architecture. This involved the use of advanced coding practices, efficient data storage solutions, and a robust hosting environment, aimed at reducing load times and improving the overall user experience.

  3. Integrated SEO Strategy: Central to the project's success was the development of an integrated SEO strategy. Nodex's SEO experts conducted extensive keyword research, competitive analysis, and on-site optimisation to ensure that the website ranked highly for relevant search terms. This approach encompassed optimising meta tags, improving site structure, and creating high-quality, keyword-rich content that resonated with the target audience.

  4. Ongoing Support and Optimisation: Post-launch, We provided The Big Ant Group with continuous support and performance monitoring. Regular updates and optimisations were made to adapt to changing SEO trends and user feedback, ensuring that the website maintained its competitive edge.


The collaboration between The Big Ant Group and Nodex resulted in a transformative digital experience that not only met but exceeded the client's expectations. The new website showcased a modern design, superior usability, and significantly enhanced performance metrics. Most notably, the integrated SEO strategy propelled The Big Ant Group's online visibility, leading to an increase in organic traffic, higher engagement rates, and a substantial uptick in client and candidate inquiries.


Nodex's comprehensive approach to website development and SEO optimisation proved instrumental in addressing The Big Ant Group's challenges. By prioritising performance, user experience, and search engine visibility, Nodex delivered a state-of-the-art platform that significantly boosted The Big Ant Group's online presence and positioned them as a leader in recruitment services within the Devon and Plymouth area. This case study exemplifies how tailored digital solutions can transform a business's online trajectory, driving growth and success in a competitive landscape.

Client testimonial

First class service.

Cannot rate the guys at Nodex enough, brilliant service from start to finish.
Following the initial call with Andrew we knew the guys would look after after us and we weren’t wrong.
Through every step of the process we received brilliant customer service and nothing was too much bother for them.
If Heineken did web design then it would be by these guys!
Already onto our next website with them

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Big Ant Group
  • Client Big Ant Group
  • Location Devon & Plymouth
  • Founded 2011
  • Employees 10-50
  • Sectors Healthcare, Business Support, Industrial, SWISCo
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