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Sheridan Ward Recruitment - a case study

Sheridan Ward, a recruitment agency with over 20 years of experience, faced significant challenges due to poor support and ineffective SEO strategies from their previous website supplier. This resulted in decreased job applications and website traffic, hampering their growth. Turning to Nodex for a solution, Sheridan Ward sought to revitalise their digital presence through superior industry knowledge, an industry-leading platform, and unparalleled support.

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Driving Sheridan Ward's Recruitment Success with Our Expertise

Sheridan Ward is a recruitment agency with a rich history spanning over two decades in the industry. Specialising in matching the right talent with the right opportunities, Sheridan Ward has established itself as a trusted partner in the recruitment sector. However, their journey was not without its challenges. Prior to partnering with Nodex, Sheridan Ward faced significant setbacks due to inadequate support and lack of expertise from their previous recruitment website vendor. This was especially evident in their SEO strategy, which resulted in poor website traffic and a noticeable decline in job application rates.

The Challenge

The primary challenge Sheridan Ward faced was twofold: an underperforming website plagued by poor SEO performance and subpar user experience. These issues severely limited their online visibility and hindered their ability to attract both clients and candidates. In a sector as competitive as recruitment, where digital presence can make or break a business, Sheridan Ward's predicament was a serious impediment to their growth and success.


In their quest for a solution, Sheridan Ward turned to Nodex, a company renowned for its profound expertise in recruitment technology. Nodex's approach was comprehensive, focusing on overhauling Sheridan Ward's digital presence through a combination of superior industry knowledge, an industry-leading platform, and unparalleled support. The collaboration kicked off with an in-depth analysis of Sheridan Ward's existing website to identify key areas for improvement.

Superior Industry Knowledge

Our team, with its extensive experience in the recruitment sector, deployed a tailored SEO strategy designed to enhance Sheridan Ward's online visibility. By targeting specific industry-relevant keywords and optimising website content, we ensured that Sheridan Ward appeared prominently in search engine results, connecting them with a broader audience of potential applicants and employers.

Industry-Leading Platform

Leveraging its cutting-edge recruitment platform, we redesigned Sheridan Ward's website to provide a seamless user experience. The new website boasted intuitive navigation, mobile responsiveness, and extremely fast loading times. This not only improved user engagement but also contributed positively to SEO rankings, further amplifying Sheridan Ward's online presence.

Unrivalled Support

Our commitment to providing exceptional support sets apart from both Sheridan Ward's previous supplier and in the recruitment technology space as a whole. Through regular consultations, ongoing website maintenance, and proactive strategy adjustments, we ensured that Sheridan Ward's digital assets remained competitive and effective in attracting high-quality job applications.


The impact of Nodex's intervention was profound. We experienced an astounding 900% increase in application rates across our website. This remarkable growth not only revitalised our recruitment operations but also re-established Sheridan Ward as a dominant force in the recruitment industry.

The collaboration between Sheridan Ward and Nodex stands as a testament to the transformative power of expertly executed digital strategy in the recruitment sector. Through superior industry knowledge, an advanced platform, and unrivalled support, Nodex has enabled Sheridan Ward to overcome significant digital hurdles, resulting in unprecedented growth and success. This case study exemplifies the importance of choosing the right technology partner to navigate the complexities of the digital landscape in recruitment.

Client testimonial

We are a small independent recruiter and had been with one of the UK market leaders for recruitment websites for a number of years. Last year we found that our site was not performing well and we were getting next to no applications. Sadly they didn't want to know about our SEO concerns and we turned to Nodex - what a difference!! They were able to get us up and running with a new site very quickly. Andrew worked really well with our needs through the design process and candidates were able to find us straightaway! We have no regrets, other than not having changed sooner. The tech team are very quick to respond to and resolve any issues - overall we would not hesitate to recommend Nodex! If you are having issues with SEO and not being listened to by your current provider - switch to these guys.

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Sheridan Ward Recruitment
  • Client Sheridan Ward Recruitment
  • Location Uxbridge
  • Founded 2003
  • Employees 1-10
  • Sectors Administration, Sales & Marketing, Finance & Accounts, Customer Services, Logistics, Human Resources
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