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Recruitment Website Design for your recruitment agency

We are a specialist recruitment technology company focussed on providing industry leading recruitment websites for recruitment agencies. We solve your recruitment problems using groundbreaking technology, unmatched support and provide an unrivalled service to our valued clients.

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The Fabric Platform

Although our platform has just entered its tenth year of operation the foundation of it spans back even further. The founders of Nodex have applied all of the recruitment knowledge they've learned in their careers spanning multiple decades and applied it to creating the best recruitment software available in the industry today. Our platform is built from the ground up exclusively for recruitment, whether that's recruitment websites, recruitment CRM software or job board software; our platform has the technical and functional superiority to power your recruitment requirements.

Put your recruitment process into shape with the very best-in-class recruitment technology. Whether it's a new recruitment website design template for your staffing agency, recruitment CRM software to drive your recruitment process or enterprise level high performance job board software - our wealth of experience and recruitment knowledge will place you on a firm footing to succeed.

Platforms we offer

Fabric CMS
  • Secure by default

    Automated SSL and security

  • Powerful Metrics

    Business inteligence to power your decisions

  • CV parsing

    Automated data entry

  • User management

    FIne grained user management

  • Compliance and GDPR

    GDPR and compliance management

  • SEO Optimisation

    Acccess to page SEO

  • Modular system

    Extensible system perfect for scaling

  • Bleeding edge technology

    Utilising powerful open source search technology

  • Unrivalled accuracy

    Best-in-class search algorhythms

  • Weighted fields

    Each field represents its own weight

  • Typo tollerance

    Mispelled keywords adjusted for typos

  • Advanced filtering

    Filter down search results quickly and easily

  • Saved searches

    Save job and candidate searches

  • Suggestive locations

    Suggest as you type locations

  • Location matching

    Match given location to tangible place

  • UK Postcode lookup

    Lookup postcodes to addresses

  • Reverse Geocoding

    Find a town/city/place based on a geo point

  • Suggestve postcodes

    Suggest postcodes based on user input

  • Typo tollerance

    Typo tollerant suggestions

  • API interfaces

    Easy to use API's

  • Outstanding support

    Friendly support and advice

  • Candidate portals

    Easy to use portals

  • Client portals

    Easy to use client portals

  • Timesheet management

    Manage timesheets

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Recruitment website pricing

We operate a Pay Monthly solution for our recruitment platform. Pricing for this starts with a one off nominal setup fee of £299 plus £99

We also a custom design service and more comprehensive monthly packages tailored to suit your needs.

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Recruitment CRM software pricing

Our Recruitment CRM Software is priced fairly on a per-user per-month basis. Pricing starts at £65 per user per month (paid monthly).

If you purchase a Nodex recruitment website together with your package your first user monthly charge is discounted.

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Job board software pricing

We operate a Pay Monthly solution for our job board software platform. Pricing for this starts with a one off nominal setup fee of £749 plus a monthly hosting and maintenance fee of £949.

We also offer an option to pay an upfront build fee which lowers the monthly fee.

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