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Recruitment CRM Software

Recruitment CRM Software

Get started with your own GDPR ready, secure Recruitment CRM today starting from just £50 per user per month volume discounts available.

Speed & Relevance

Our recruitment CRM is state of the art which combines location and keyword based searching with advanced search filtering technology usually reserved for expensive enterprise scale CRM's. We utilise pioneering technologies in our core searching systems to deliver accurate and relevant search results to your business faster and more efficiently than any of our competitors. Show more...

Resume parsing

Drag and drop candidate resumes to create records from extracted text, this not only saves time but also data accuracy. Unlike other providers you only pay for what you use per on a pay per CV basis.

GDPR Ready

Our state of the art recruitment CRM plugs in to our state of the art recruitment websites to provide GDPR compliance management at the click of a button. Manage consent and article integrity in a cohesive and simple to use platform.

Analytics & Metrics

Quickly drill down into metrics for candidates, clients, interviews, placements and much more and make your business data work for you. Find out just about anything about your domain at the click of a button.

Recuritment CRM Platform Features

Organisation Search

Our organisation wide suggestive search allows you and your consultants to quickly and concisely search your organisations candidates, clients, contacts, interviews and placements for keywords, enabling you and your consultants to quickly find the information you require for the task at hand. Typical recruitment solutions use outdated technology to power their searching which deliver inaccurate search results. Our best in class solution uses the very latest and best software in our recruitment CRM software stack to deliver the right results to your consultants.


Our recruitment CRM platform is built using realtime technology meaning that when anybody in your organisation does something that effects what is in your workspace, your workspace is updated in the background to reflect the very latest version of the record.

Website Integration

When a candidate registers on your Nodex powered recruitment website you recieve a notification and the ability to assimilate the candidate into your database. This keeps your database clean from spam and puts candidate knowledge right at your fingertips. Your vacancies also automatically appear on your website for searches, applications, job alerts and shortlists.


Our platform operates on what we call "Workspaces". Each individual workspace can be updated, shared, frozen and saved to allow you to work in a way that makes the most sense to you. The true potential of workspaces can only be seen to be believed. Book a demo

Reminders & Notifications

Never forget anything again! Setup your own reminders and notifications and be alerted inside your CRM and via email (optional). Reminders can be automatically created to alert you before important events such as candidate interviews etc.

Record Searching

Our record searching and filtering includes: Candidates, clients, contacts, reminders, vacancies, applications, interviews, placements, GDPR requests, notes, history, documents, resumes. This allows you to get anywhere in your organisation with a few keystrokes and a click of a button.

Resume parser

Create candidate records in a snip using resume parsing technology. Simply drag and drop or upload a CV which will parse the resume and create a candidate record using the pertinent information contained inside, the resume will also be attached to the resulting record. Resume parsing is charged on a per CV basis so you only ever pay for what you use.

Record Security

As an administrator you can setup defaults for how your consultants can interact with varying record types. You have powerful features that allow read, read/write (update) or complete blackout from search results and record views. You can deny groups of users or single users on a per record basis. The entire security model is logged to every action that happens to a record is logged in an audit trail which is great for not only GDPR compliance but for your own piece of mind.

UK Postcode Lookup

Our platform enables candidates to enter their postcode into a box and have the system lookup their address which they can select to populate fields, saving them time and possible mistakes.

Local Train Stations

When a job is added to the system our platform automatically gathers local train station/stop information and stores it with the job to show to candidates (on your website) and consultants inside your CRM, enabling the consultant to paint a broader picture of the logistics of employment for a particular role

Bus Stops

When a job is added to the system our platform automatically gathers the closest bus stop information so that candidates can easily plan their route or know if a job has good public transport.

Local Schools

When a job is added to the system our platform automatically gathers the closest school information in the area so that candidates can easily see available education options should they need to relocate.

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Intuitive Modern Interface & Workflow

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