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Recruitment CRM/ATS software that has...

GDPR compliance

GDPR compliance with automation

Undoubtedly one of the hottest topics in the world right now is data protection. Thanks to the European GDPR initiative candidates feel more empowered and in control of their data, how it's processed and more importantly who has access to their data.

If you integrate the FabricCRM platform with a Nodex recruitment website you can leverage full GDPR automation with an auditable database to prove your data compliance activities should the need ever arise.

Mobile friendly

Modular & Customisable technology

FabricCRM is built using modular design methodology which means you can choose the modules you wish to use in your platform. If you don't like or need a particular module you can choose to hide it from your workflow.

Having per consultant settings or preferences is key to personalising the consultant experience when using your recruitment CRM software. Consultants can choose their own module set and personalise their CRM experience in a number of ways.

Search technology

Industry leading search technology

Our search technology is second to none, our algorhythms, interfaces and filters are constantly undergoing tweaks and improvements to make them even faster, more relevant, more intuitive and better presentation to the contultant or manager using the system.

Our platform utilises the very latest and best technology to achieve search supremacy. Our technology stack returns relevant records to your consulants which can be sorted in a variety of ways.

As a bonus you can save Candidate searches as Talent Pool Criteria which will act as a passive recruitment alert that notifies your consultants when a new or old candidate matches the search due to a change in the database.

Website performance

Unrivalled search performance

If you're using recruitment CRM software on a daily basis to manage your recruitment database it can become really cumbersome if every search feels like it takes an eternity, all that lost time could be better spent doing other tasks that have a more beneficial ROI (Return On Investment).

Our recruitment CRM platform is an evolution of many years research & development creating both fast and accurate search algorhythms specifically for recruitment.

The FabricCRM platform encorporates powerful searching including boolean, filterable and suggestive searches behind an intuitive easy to use interface that returns results in milliseconds not seconds.

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Recruitment CRM/ATS features

Below is a selection of important platform features that are available in our Recruitment CRM Software.

At a glance

Cloud based

Your data is always available and accessible wherever you are in the world as long as you have a modern browser.

Modular design

Quickly turn on and off parts of the system you do and don't use - personalising your workflow to suit you.

Quick organisation search

Quickly serach your entire organisation with intuitive suggestive prompts based on your criteria.

Email integration

Our platfrom can integrate directly with your email provider to quickly show communication trails between yourselves and records. No plugin required!


Quickly manage your workflow with workspaces.

Marketing integration

Manage marketing lists via third parties such as MailChimp, SendInBlue and MailJET right from inside your CRM.


Store unlimited documents against records.


Searchable, taggable and severity assignable notes on a per record or global basis.

Record history

Auditable record history for who added, opened or updated a record.

Website GDPR integration

Integrate directly with the Nodex Recruitment Website GDPR automation suite

Record permissions

Granular record permissions for searching, adding, updating or opening records.

Saved searches

Save frequent searches for quick access to your most used data.


Add multiple record types to tear sheets so you can work on them all at once quickly and efficiently.

Favourites / bookmarks

Bookmark frequently accessed records for efficiency and ease of access.


Create assignable tasks with optional reminders and due dates.


Quickly and easily create reminders with optional email notifications if you're away from your desk, easily snooze and manage your reminders at the click of a button.

Record sharing

Quickly share records with other consultants across your organisation.

UK Postcode lookup

Lookup UK postcodes to pre-fill addresses for you.

Suggestive addresses

UK Addresses are suggested as you type for another time saving and typo tollerant measure.

Per user configuration

Each consultant is free to configure their interface to suit their way of working including the visible columns on search results.

Real-time communication

Our platform uses cutting edge technology to keep information on screens as up-to-date as possible without refreshing your browser.

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Candidates, clients, contacts and interviews

Create from resume

Instantly upload a CV and our platform immediately creates a record from it saving time and energy.

Website integration

Our recruitment CRM interfaces directly in to your Nodex Recruitment Website allowing your candidates to keep you up to date with their information.

Intuitive boolean searching

Extremely fast, typo tollerant candidate record search providing accurate results quickly and efficiently.

Filterable record searching

Quickly filter your candidates to get who you want when you want

Talent pools

Passive talent pools that alert you when talent meets your criteria from anywhere in your organisation allowing cross consultant collaboration.

Work / Home locations

Candidates can be searched on one or more locations they wish to work in or work from.

Employment & Education history

Searchable work and education history for candidates from specific establishments or qualifications.

Searchable resumes

Candidate resumes are searchable via keyword and anything else you've tagged your records with.

Document storage

Store unlimited documents per candidate for things such as identity verification, questionnaires, licences etc.

Tagging and searchable employment preferences

Tag and organise your candidate records in a way that suits your way of working.

Rating system

Rate your candidate records for easily sorting on.

Marketing permissions

Your candidates can opt-in or out of your marketing at any time.

Click to call

Click to call your candidate records from your mobile device.

Click to email

Click to email your candidate records right within your CRM.

Clone a contact from a candidate

Easily clone a contact from a candidate record on your system saving time.

Clone a candiadte from a contact

Easily clone a candidate from a contact record on your system saving time.

Client details

Comprehensive overview of your client records showing all contacts, vacancies, interviews, employees (your candidates), applications, notes, history and much more.

Interview pipelines

Quickly drag and drop applicants in to various stages of an interview pipeline.

Employment offer creation

Easily create employment offers for job candidates with detailed notes on rejection / appceptance.

Exportable data

Export your data whenever you wish - take some or all of it to a third party system for Marketing, Analytics.

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Vacancy / job functionality

Comprehensive job details information

Keep your job details informative for candidates and other consultants in your organisation.

Screening questions

Have simple screening questions for your vacancy.

Auto responders

Setup an auto-responder on a per job basis for better communication with the applicant.


Quickly attach documents to any vacancy.

ATS Email

Each vacancy is assigned a unique email address which you can use on third party job boards to accept applications, these applications will appear right inside your CRM as if they had applied on your own website.

Job view & application metrics

Quickly sort and arrange your jobs by number of views/applications to see your best performing jobs.


Quickly add job applicants to the ATS shortlist for a particular role.

Job alerts

Set up simple job alerts across your organisation to be alerted when a job matches your criteria which enables better collaboration and efficiency.

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Marketing / business acquisition

Lead / sales pipelines

Quickly manage your leads with KanBan style drag and drop lead pipelines which you can filter on likelihood of completion.

Lead / sales tasks

Add tasks with optional reminders for specific leads for things like touching base next month etc.


Prospects are like a client and contact combined that don't yet exist in your system.

Prospect importing

Import large campaign datasets from third parties quickly and efficiently for you to search and work on to hopefully turn in to new business.

Marketing / newsletters

Integrate third party marketing list managers to provide optimal placement for your communications.

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Hosting, Security & Maintenance


Your recruitment CRM will be securely hosted on our infrastructure with an appropriate resources made available to scale as required.


Your data is always encrypted from prying eyes.


The core platfrom upon which your recruitment CRM is installed is kept up-to-date with bug fixes and security updates free of charge.

Software updates

The bleeding edge recruitment technology that powers your recruitment CRM is constantly kept patched and secure for you all inclusive in your monthly fee.

GDPR compliance

Included in your recruitment CRM is a comprehensive auditable GDPR suite to keep track of subject access requests (SAR's).

Automatic backups

Your recruitment CRM is backed up hourly, daily and weekly. To adhere to GDPR your backups are rotated weekly to remove stale data

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Intuitive modern workflow

Our modern easy to use interface allows you to manage your records with ease and view your KPI's at the click of a mouse. Click / press an image for a larger view.

Service / Platform pricing

Our Recruitment CRM Software is fairly priced on a per user basis. Pricing starts at £55 per user per month when taken on an annual contract (but paid monthly) or £60 per user per month when taken on a 30 days contract (also paid monthly). If you purchase a Nodex recruitment website together with your package your first user monthly charge is discounted, the current rate of the combined packages is £149 per month which includes one CRM user and a recruitment website. SMS messages are charged on a per message basis which is currently £0.08p (eight pence) per message.