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How important is recruitment website design?


As a recruitment agency, the importance of having a strong and clear online presence is unparalleled. Let's explore why engaging recruitment website design and creative recruitment website development is of massive importance to your recruitment business. We will also delve into the best recruitment website templates for 2020!

A poor recruitment website design will lose you business!

As with any online presence, a poor recruitment website design will drive people away, both potential clients and candidates. The reason for this is that ultimately, you never get a second chance to make a first impression . In that vein, if the first impression you make is a bad one, it will give the end-user the feeling that you do not care. The subtle difference between recruitment and many other online ventures is that the former has to satisfy two target audiences, rather than just one. Both clients and candidates must respond positively with you and your site to ensure a result that satisfies all parties.

An intelligent recruitment website development plan is important

If a poor website is likely to push people away, then conversely, a recruitment website designed and developed well, is going to have the opposite effect! Having a reliable website can create positivity beyond expectation for your brand. Those who actively land on your site will experience a slick and professional feel meaning they will be more likely to avail themselves of your services. It's not just about how the website is designed. Specialist recruitment website development is equally important.

A fully optimised site, utilising speed and other elements of SEO is imperative to your website's performance. Therefore, passively funnelling more extensive searches to your website. Furthermore, generating traffic from a broader range increases interest in your website, Social Media, and ultimately, client base, and candidate pool. Your website is the place to be slick, smooth, concise and professional. You are, after all, shouldering the responsibility of pairing employers with the highest calibre candidates. These matches need to be as compatible as possible and produce high-quality relationships all round. In turn, it will develop a desirable reputation for your recruitment business.

Striving to provide the best recruitment website templates in 2020

The best recruitment website templates make great recruitment websites. Does that sound too good to be true? It may do, but it is that simple. If you are looking for the best recruitment website templates , we have a selection of stunning designs, with smart functionality, and 100/100 pagespeed! You will not find that anywhere else. Here at Nodex, we specialise in recruitment website design and pride ourselves on delivering the highest possible standards to all our clients.

All the websites we design and develop are GDPR compliant, with around 95% automation. Meaning a large chunk of the data protection process is taken from your workload. Therefore, allowing you to focus on a broader range of tasks without drowning in applications.

In 2020, 62% of web users will view a site on their mobile device. With approximately two-thirds of your traffic coming from users on the go, it is essential to ensure all websites we build are mobile-friendly. This isn't just smartphones; it's tablets too!

All of the recruitment website templates we build are Search Engine Optimised with particular attention paid to microdata. Therefore, the microdata is picked up by job sites such as Adzuna and Indeed, consequently encouraging a higher level of candidate to your website.

Contact us to discuss your project

Nodex can provide you with a high performing recruitment website; designed creatively and developed intelligently, with your business model in mind. For more information, or if you would like to talk to us about your recruitment website, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

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