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Beginners guide to link building for your recruitment agency


Search engine optimization (SEO) is important for any business, including a recruitment agency. Improving your search engine results will make your website more visible to potential clients and job seekers. This article explains how building backlinks can help you achieve this, and also gives some tips on how to create backlinks to your recruitment website.

The benefits of backlink building are two-fold. First, it establishes your business as an expert within your field; second, it directs traffic directly to your website. In this blog post, we will walk you through the ins and outs of backlink building so that you can start improving your SEO today.

The process of backlink building is simple: you just need to create a backlink to your website from a relevant website. This can be done by submitting a link on a related forum, submitting an article on your own blog, or even contacting someone who has written about the same service that you provide and asking them if they would be willing to link to your site. The more relevant the website is, the better. In simple terms, Google and other search engines treat these links as votes and generally speaking - the better quality and quantity of relevant links your website has then then the higher it ranks in the search engines.


Using links as importance signals (votes) is a fundamentally flawed concept due to the fact that businesses or companies with the highest budgets can afford to buy or otherwise assign the most resources to gaining links regardless of whether their product, service or website is the best answer to a user query for a specific set of keywords. Unfortunately this is the shape of the online world at present and until that changes we all have to follow the march if we want our businesses to rank higher and in-turn gain more traffic from the search engines.

Link types

There are three main types of backlinks that you can build: internal links, inbound links and outbound links.

Internal links

Internal links are links that refer people directly to your recruitment website within another website. For example, if someone wanted to find out more about recruitment agencies in their area, they could search for it within Google and click on the first result; this will direct them straight to your recruitment agency's homepage. To get this result, you'll need to submit an article or post on your own blog with a relevant title; this will then direct people straight to your blog page where they can read about what makes you different from other agencies in the area.

Inbound links

Inbound links come from websites that link directly back at yours; these are usually seen when someone clicks through from one site and lands on your website. For example, if someone clicked on the recruitment agency's website in Google and landed on yours, they would be directed straight to your website. To get this result, you'll need to submit an article or post on your own blog with a relevant title; this will then direct people directly to your blog page where they can read about what makes you different from other agencies.

Outbound links

Outbound links are links that lead people away from your recruitment agency's website; these are usually seen when someone clicks through from one site and lands on another site in the directory which will then direct them back to yours. For example, if someone clicked on the recruitment agency's website in Google and landed on another site such as a job board or social media platform, they would be directed away from yours. To get this result, you'll need to submit an article or post on your own blog with a relevant title; this will then lead people away from yours but still point them back at their own website.

Although there is no specific formula for getting these results, it is important that you follow certain steps:

  1. Create a relevant title for each of the links that you submit
  2. Submit an article or post at least once a week
  3. Don't forget to submit links to your social media pages
  4. Don't forget to submit links to your website
  5. Don't forget to submit links to your Google My Business page
  6. Submit high-quality, relevant and unique content
  7. Make sure that all of your outbound marketing pages use the same URL structure as your website. This includes the title, description and keywords. For example: www.your-recruitment-agency.co.uk/out-marketing-pages (though this is not a hard and fast rule).
  8. If you use a blog platform such as WordPress or Blogger, it's usually the best place for you to post these articles; however, if you don't have one already then I'd recommend finding one that suits you best. The more people find out about what makes you different from other recruitment agencies in the area then the more likely they are going to click through from another site on their own website back onto yours. This can help boost your rankings in search engines like Google and also helps with people finding out about what makes you different from other recruitment agencies in the area, which can be vital in getting new clients.
  9. When it comes to blog posts, you need to make sure that you're not spamming your readers with too many posts. If you're only posting about once a month then people will ignore it and you'll never reach their feed. Try posting at least twice a month but we recommend at least 3 - 5 posts per month on average for maximum effect.
  10. When it comes to social media, if you don't have one already then we highly recommend signing up for a free account with Twitter or Facebook and start using those accounts as much as possible (or at least try to). It's one of the best ways that people can find out about what makes your recruitment agency different from others in the area so get involved! You can also use these accounts to advertise your vacancies on them. Just remember that you want to make sure that you're using the right hashtags so that people will find you in search engines.
  11. Don't forget to keep your blog updated with fresh content. If you write a blog post then you need to make sure that you update it at least once every two weeks. This is crucial as it shows that you're actively involved in what your doing and helps to keep people interested in what your doing.
  12. If people are looking for a new recruitment agency then they'll often use Google or Google Maps to find one, so why not add a link to your website onto Google Maps? This is super easy as it only takes 5 minutes, but it can help thousands of people find out about what makes your recruitment agency different from others so don't underestimate the power of this!
  13. Finally, if someone leaves a review about how great an experience they had with your recruitment agency then make sure that you respond to them. They might not have chosen to leave a review if they didn't have an amazing experience with their recruiter or if they didn't get the job, so responding will help them feel like the recruiter took their feedback seriously and helped them out when they needed it most.

Closing thoughts

This article is not meant to be a bible of link building, instead it seeks to give a beginners guide to building links for your recruitment agency. There are many ways to build links and market your services to attract fresh talent and clients to your recruitment consultancy. There are many tactics you can employ to generate links - all of which you can do yourself without paying anyone else to do it. We advise all of our clients why and how to link build in various ways. It is important to us they succeed in their recruitment business because if nothing else; our clients continued success means our continued success.

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