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What Is a Candidate Management System? Tips to Help You Choose The Right One

What Is a Candidate Management System? Tips to Help You Choose The Right One

Candidate management systems are programs that help companies identify, recruit, and manage applicants. Sometimes called applicant tracking systems (ATS), these solutions help recruitment consultants sift through large volumes of resumes to find qualified candidates. ATS can also be used to track the progress of hiring initiatives and communicate with job seekers. Candidate management systems are helpful for both small businesses and large corporations. Here, are some ways to use a candidate management system for your company.

How does a candidate management system work?

Candidate management systems come in several different varieties. This is primarily due to the different business needs of companies. However, they tend to fall into one of three categories: Job board: Where people apply for jobs online. The system will collect data about resumes, applications, and interviews. Data is then categorized into six categories: skills, competencies, qualifications, required experience, gaps in education, and years of work experience. Companies can then use this information to rank applicants. Where people apply for jobs online. The system will collect data about resumes, applications, and interviews.

Tips for choosing the right candidate management system

Research the Market. Before you commit to a candidate management system, be sure to compare solutions. Some companies, such as Microsoft, use their own proprietary solutions, while others leverage HR systems from a third-party vendor. You may also find a quality product on the open market. Read reviews of current software. Find out what other businesses are saying about their company's software. Make sure to search for reviews from companies that have already used the software. Talk to fellow business owners about software. Ask them how they chose their solution and if they have any suggestions about vendors. You may find solutions that would better meet your needs. Most importantly find a vendor you can trust and listens to your needs rather than just takes your money and leaves you to get on with things!

The importance of a good candidate management system

The purpose of a good candidate management system is to streamline recruitment and to help your recruitment agency identify the best talent for a given role. A good candidate management system can help the company gain insights about the candidate and keep them happy. If you decide to make the switch to a candidate management system, here are some points to consider:

  • Data for recruitment and management
  • Access to actionable data to recruit and promote top candidates
  • A good user interface
  • Team member collaboration and automation

Disadvantages of ATS Some concerns regarding the adoption of an ATS include lack of data security. This is because these systems store highly sensitive information, however, choosing a secure vendor with a battle tested, secure platform will mitigate the risk of a data breach making the overall performance benefits outweigh the risks.

What are the benefits of a good candidate management system?

It's the No. 1 tool in today's hiring process. In many cases, candidates are no longer happy to fill out paper applications, but they want the convenience of emailing, texting, or submitting a resume online. Today's candidates want more flexible ways to submit their information - they don't want to waste time filling out paper applications or receiving rejection emails. A good candidate management system helps make this happen. ATS eliminates the use of time-consuming forms. In many cases, the basic application and resume formatting process can take up to an hour. Applicant tracking system' removes this tedious process, which can often lead to candidates giving up on applying altogether.


Candidate management systems are tools that help recruitment agencies gain more clarity and visibility on candidates that are looking for a job. Although your agency doesn't need a big team to use a robust ATS, there are many benefits to using one.

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