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Website Design & Development

Over several years we have (and still do) streamlined our development process to deliver the most efficient design & development process we can offer. Our customer support team, engineers and designers work methodically to deliver the highest standard of care and after-care in the industry. When you choose Nodex to develop your website, not only do you get an exceptional product but you also get access to some of the brightest minds in the industry and a wealth of knowledge built through design and implementation of some of the fastest websites on the planet.

The Nodex Development Process

  • Informal discussion

    The process starts with an informal discussion to assess your needs & goals and offer insight into reaching them. Depending on your project we will be able to offer you a ballpark budget needed to realise your objective.

  • Design brief, Quote and Loose Mock up

    Our designers and engineers generate a design brief that encapsulates your requirements deciphered from our earlier informal discussion. Clarification may be needed in the form of email or telephone to ensure a correct and timely delivery.

  • Sign off & Acceptance

    Once our engineers have your design brief ready we will contact you again to discuss the document in detail. At this stage you are still able to chop and change your project without it having large adverse effects on cost and delivery schedule. Once the design brief has been signed and accepted a 50% deposit is required to move on to the next stage.

  • Design & Development begins

    The design and development stage is both rapid and agile. Your account manager will request content (page text / images) from you for placement in your new website, should you need it, you will be guided on how to write good website copy that naturaly promotes good SEO practices.

  • Feedback loop

    Most Nodex websites come with a continuous feedback loop and a customised development domain name so that you may watch your website being built. We encourage feedback from our clients where content placement is concerned.

  • Configuration changes

    When the Feedback loop phase ends we can start making small changes (if any) gathered from the last stage. This process is repeated until both us and you are happy.

  • End to End testing

    When developing websites we constantly test for responsivness (mobile scaling) and bugs, however, even the best engineers miss things so at this point we test your site against as many different devices and configurations as possible.

  • Deployment

    The last stage of the process is Deployment. At this stage we add any needed SSL certificates, point your DNS to our infrastructure and deploy your wesbite to the internet at large. If you have additional services from us such as PPC Advertising or Social Media Optimisation then at this point we would start those campaigns for you.