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Search Engine Optimisation

Everybody want's to be at the top of the SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages), unfortunately there is only 10 places available on page 1, and, the lower down the page you are, the less traffic you see clicking through to your website (CTR/Click-through Rate) Search Engine Optimisation is a black art, an educated guessing game built on years of experience, close monitoring, conjecture and method testing. Every "SEO optimisation" consultancy in the world will tell you what you want to hear which is that you will be at the top of Page 1, when in reality, they will take your money, do nothing and blame your content or extenuating factors such as the global price of oil falling as to why they cannot deliver their promises. Nodex works differently, we do not give false promises, we will only take you on as a client if we think we can help you. There are many factors to a good SEO strategy, these generaly fall into two categories: On page optimisation and Off page optimisation. Off page optimisation methods such as backlinks, Social Media campaigns, guest blog writing, relevant link exchanging and more. On page optimsation includes methods such as Good clean content, well structured navigation, well structured markup, a good canonical and redirect strategy, low 404 (page not found) errors and much more. While most On page optimisations come as standard in our websites we understand that it's not always viable to move your entire digital infrastructure to us so we will advise and in some cases implement your On page optimisation strategy for you.

The Process

  • Informal Discussion

    One of our experts will contact you to go over your website and discuss your needs / goals

  • Proposal

    Our optimsation team will meet to discuss the best possible way to realise your goals[Better word]

  • Strategy

    Somebody from the team will get in contact to discuss our optimsation strategy, cost and timeline.

  • Acceptance & Commencement

    Once you have accepted and agreed to our strategy and contract we will commence your SEO campaign.