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Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC advertising can be much harder than it seems, with many businesses simply throwing money away at poor unqualified clicks resulting in high bounce rates, short session times and low customer retention. Most businesses don't understand the technical side or even the psychology behind PPC, at best they simply don't have the time to properly manage their campaign. At Nodex cutting costs and providing a good ROI for our clients helps retain business and is our number one priority. Whatever your advertising needs, be it Search based such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc or Social based such as Facebook or Twitter; our expertise in these fields are vast.

The Process

  • Informal Discussion

    We will contact you to assess your company's marketing goals & needs. This may require granting access to view your Google Analytics.

  • Proposal

    Our team will meet to discuss your marketing goals and a strategy moving forwards.

  • Marketing Strategy

    Somebody from our team will contact you to discuss our proposed strategy, cost and timeline.

  • Acceptance & Commencement

    Once you have accepted and agreed to our strategy and contract we will commence your PPC campaign.