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Core Ecommerce Features

  • Mobile Responsive

    Beautiful websites built to work on all devices with an optimised user-experience. With over 70% of customers shopping on their smartphone or tablet, mobile devices account for a staggering one fifth of web traffic. At Nodex mobile friendly design is not just and afterthought, it's part of our core design.
  • Retina Ready

    Our Ecommerce websites are designed with HiDPi crisp images and Scalable Vector Graphics which will make your website stand out from the crowd for customers browsing on hi-resolution devices. Your products will look clearer, shaper and more enticing, helping you sell more.
  • Unrivalled Speed

    Our websites typically load in about 0.5s which is in the top 1-3% of the world and are unrivalled by any e-commerce solution we have found. So you can be confident that your customers will get the fastest possible website experience available today. Nobody likes a slow website!
  • Social Media + Microdata

    Our websites are heavily optimised for social media sharing; your products and pages will look stunning on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and many more. Backing this up we have Rich Snippets which describe your products and pages for display on sites like Google shopping.
  • Superior Search Accuracy

    Typical e-commerce solutions use outdated technology to power their searching which results in inaccurate search results. We use the very latest and best technology stack to deliver the right results to your customer.
  • Search Suggestions

    Sometimes your customers misspell a word or product, not to worry, we have it in hand. Our predictive searching allows for word similarities when searching and if the system is still not sure then it presents the customer with a list of products and alternative spellings, just like Google's very own "Did you mean?"
  • Product Filters

    Our product filtering is second to none. We utilise the very latest bleeding edge technology to allow your customers to filter down their results quickly and efficiently, which, in turn boosts conversions.
  • UK Address Lookup

    Our solutions come with UK postcode-based address lookup as standard. Customers can look up their address with their postcode, saving them time and possible mistakes. Most other systems will charge you a steep integration fee plus a costly monthly recurring fee for this.
  • Product categories

    Our easy to use platform allows you to categorise your products with a definitive and logical hierarchy for your customers, making it quick and simple for customers to find the right category for your products.
  • Credit card processing

    We integrate with all modern payment providers to allow you flexibility with your payment processor.
  • Paypal processing

    Integration with the world's foremost digital wallet.

    Nodex e-commerce websites come with HTTP2 as standard. HTTP2 is the latest evolution in the http protocol which allows for a more efficient transfer of data between the server and your customers.
  • Customer management

    Our intuitive Administration Interface allows you to view your customers, their habits and their spending loyalty to your shop.
  • Invoices

    Invoices are automatically created with incremental identifiers once an order is completed. The invoice is viewable as a html web page which is printable or downloadable as a PDF document.
  • Expiring stock

    Our platform offers a unique easy to use stock management system with optional expiry dates for your perishable items.
  • Shop overview/stats

    Need to see how your shop has been doing over a period of time? We have you covered with breakdowns and metrics to aid in your Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Coupons

    Amount-based or percentage-based coupons with optional minimum spend and maximum number of uses.
  • Configurable delivery

    Offer free delivery on orders over a certain price? Need to charge more to ship to certain locations? Do you offer multiple options for shipping? Our system is flexible enough to suport this right out of the box.
  • Product reviews

    social reinforcement is a strong motivator when buying a product. Allow your customers to review the product, rate it and review/rate their overall experience. All comments and reviews require moderation before being displayed on your website
  • Customers also bought

    Product recommendation based on users buying habits. Coming soon product recommendation based on users search behaviour

Out of the box comparison

Below is a comparison of features and functions for the Nodex Ecommerce platform VS the most popular alternative choices. The information was comprised by creating instances of the various platforms where needed and testing the out of the box functionality. In the case of Magento 2 we gave up installing it after 6 hours trying to get it to run on the recommended specs with the sample data provided by Magento, instead, we opted for a demo supplied by a third party Magento development consultancy, this allowed us to explore both the front and backend of an installation with the sample data. It has to be noted that the demo supplied ran on quite expensive hardware in comparison to the other software we tested.

We treat "out of the box" as how the system comes after running the installer, therefore if there are missing functions / pages we apologise, you may raise your concerns to the various software maintainers via their own websites. If we have missed any functionality or we have something wrong you may let us know here

Nodex Ecommerce Magento 2 Prestashop WooCommerce
Retina / HiDPi ready
Mobile responsive
Mobile optimised
Loads in under 1 second
Typical website development cost* £2,000+ £9,000+ £1,500+ £2,500+
Fuzzy searching (mis-spellings)
Suggestive search
Suggestive search spelling suggestions
Product synonyms
Hide products from groups
Multi currency
Quantity range based pricing
Realtime websockets
Product reviews
Filters with counts
Social media optimised
Microdata information
UK Address lookup
Configurable products
Configurable shipping
Pricing groups
Stock management
Exit intent capture
Brand directory + pages
PDF Invoices
Scalable on moderate hardware
Based on open source technology
Hosted platform

* Typical website development cost based on our research and recieving quotes from development companies for similar projects. It's worth noting that none of the consultancies we conversed with could come close to being able to build an ecommerce store that was as fast or scalable as the Nodex platform, futhermore, we have found no such evidence that one even exists, although, if you know of one please get in touch as we would love to hear about it!