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Bed & Breakfast Websites

The Nodex Bed and Breakfast Website platform empowers guest house owners, delivering an easy to use, mobile friendly, high performance booking and payment platform coupled with an easy to use booking management interface. Our platform offers the ability to shut all or parts of your B&B for purposes of things like: Holidays, Cleaning, Refurbishment etc. For owners who advertise on websites such as booking.com we also offer an optional vertical channel manager which seemlessly integrates third party websites and booking platforms into sync with your website / diary, this means that at any point in time you can rest assured that your diary is true and you won't over or underbook your establishment. If you wish to checkout a glimpse of the platform please visit the video below

Platform Overview

  • Guests

    Guests arrive at your site from a number of sources such as Google or Social Media sources
  • Search

    Guests can easily search your availability via the date and room type search.
  • Configure

    Your guests then have the option to configure their stay with you, including things such as length of stay, breakfast / optional extras (again configurable by you).
  • Payment

    At this you can take full or no payment to reserve the room. Our packages carry no handling fee, you only pay the card processors fee which is typically 1-3%
  • Sleep, Relax & Enjoy

    Your guests enjoy a wonderful stay in your fantastic accomodation.
  • Breakfast

    If your guests chose to include breakfast in their booking you will be made aware of this on the automated booking email, optional SMS message and inside your booking manager.
  • Checkout

    Upon checkout your rooms are automatically made available for occupancy again. You can choose to disable any room in your guest house for purposes such as refurbishment, cleaning, or holidays.
  • Review

    Your guests are encouraged to rate and review your establishment, this is fully moderated by you as an owner and helps with Social Reinforcement of your business. Reviews can be optionaly displayed across your website.

Guest house booking platform overview

Booking a room Guest house manager