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Within NDT Resources resides many years of hands-on experience in the application of NDT (Non Destructive Testing) in various industrial sectors, notably in aerospace. Coupled with this experience is an in-depth knowledge of all major methods and certification regimes.

Because they understand NDT methodology and certification, they can determine if you have the right credentials and can produce a cogent case to get you past the HR person who, in all probability, does not – you may not hold the required PCN, for example.

Implemented technologies

Nodex CMS, Elasticsearch, HTML5, CSS3, Nodex Recruitment

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Our client said.

(Testimonial / review from Trust pilot)

I worked exclusively with Andrew from Nodex in developing my new website. I operate in a niche market: Recruitment of Non-destructive Testing personnel. 'What's that?' I here you say, well Andrew took great pains to understand what I do and helped me formulate a website that captures my offering better than I would have thought. He always went the extra mile; he was willing to explain some of his arcane art so that it was a learning process for me too. I appreciated his creativity and bonhomie during the whole process. I have also hired Nodex's CRM platform, which will provide a great boost to my company's productivity. Andrew is rightly proud of his company and product. I would heartily recommend his services to others and I know that he will always be on the end of the phone to answer any queries that I may have in the future.
NDT Resources