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Judi Love

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Judi Love was an interesting project, a combination of ecommerce, videos, blogging and event promotion.

Our brief was to design and build an easy to use and mobile optimised ecommerce website to help Judi Love promote her events; past and present, blog, trade her branded merchandise and sell tickets online.

Using our Core CMS and Ecommerce platform we were able to achieve all the above and create a website that worked flawlessly on both on desktop and mobile devices.

Implemented technologies

Ecommerce, Elasticsearch


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Our client said.

I would absolutely recommend Nodex to anybody looking to invest in a professional website.

Nodex took time to understand my requirement and worked toward completion of the project in a timely manner.

I am really impressed by the fact the website adapts automatically to mobile phones, PC's, laptops and tablets. This was a big concern of ours because the majority of our following use mobile phones.

Nodex's customer service is also fantastic. Andrew is always on hand to help queries and give proactive advice.

Judi Love
Judi Love