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Nodex, GDPR & Your Business

Out of the box

The Nodex CMS is GDPR ready out of the box. This means that no matter what your business requirements you will not need to worry about how GDPR will effect them. Our event driven and modular architecture allows us to plug in to GDPR requests inside any part of your business logic, allowing you to worry less about compliance and more about what matters most - running your business!

Privacy by design

For many years Nodex has operated utilising a Privacy by design approach. Our best in class recruitment platform has, since its inception, operated under the assumption that managing data flow is paramount to mitigating risk. When we create solutions for our customers it's very important for us to understand their business model and for them to understand implications surrounding data collection, data storage and data processing. Using this methodology we fine tune our application design, coupling an in-depth knowledge of the data flow of your business with our substantial knowledge of data, processing and manipulation techniques to give you a world class robust solution for your business.

Automated approach

Our expertly crafted GDPR solution uses automation heavily to get achieve its goals. Under GDPR, all rights (articles) of the individual are processed in an automated fashion, requiring them to first validate the request for security purposes before proceeding to the task at hand. There are override methods inside our system to mitigate the automation for edge cases where you may wish this to happen for example: HMRC, Legal or Medical requirements.

Secure Audit Trail

Creating auditable data trails to authenticate a removal request has been requested and dealt with flys directly in the face of certain aspects of GDPR legislation. Our database boffins took this problem and turned it on its head. We came up with an industry first searchable audit trail while maintaining the privacy of the individual and the integrity of their data.

Our CMS GDPR Coverage

Below we list the core directives that our CMS covers. All of our modules and plugins hook into this functionality. This means we take care of every technical aspect of the GDPR in an automated fashion right out of the box, freeing you up you concentrate on growing and running your business. You can learn more about the GDPR and what impact it will have on your business at the ICO website (opens in a new window).

Consent Management

Article 7 of the GDPR legislation requires explicit consent for data processing which can be withdrawn at any time.

Right To Rectification

Article 16 of the GDPR legislation requires that the data subject has the right to view and rectify data held on them.

Right To Erasure

Article 17 of the GDPR legislation requires that the data subject has the right to be forgotton (under certain circumstances).

Right To Restrict Processing

Article 18 of the GDPR legislation requires that the data subject has the right to restrict processing of their data.

Right To Portability

Article 20 of the GDPR legislation requires that the data subject has the right to export their data.

Right To Object

Article 21 of the GDPR legislation requires that the data subject has the right to object to their data being processed.

Custom Privacy Policy

We can provide GDPR ready custom privacy policies tailored to your business, configurable by you.

Cookie Consent & Management

Our cookie management and consent platform allows your users to manage their preferences with ease

Secure Platform

Security is our top priority at Nodex, unlike most other platforms we do not compromise on security for anything!

GDPR Compliancy Platform Screenshots