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COVID-19: Our strategy, help and support

Currently and over the course of the coming weeks and months the global pandemic known as Coronavirus or COVID-19 is having and will have profound effects on the recruitment industry. To this end we have established a strategy to help and support those businesses and individuals affected by this disease.

In this time of potential crisis we would like to offer our help and support to any business or individual affected by the fallout of this pandemic, primarily in the form of 50% reduced rate recruitment technology services; including our industry leading recruitment websites and our remote work ready recruitment CRM/ATS software for at least the next six months and possibly longer should this crisis require it.

If you are an individual that has been laid off or asked to reduce hours due to this crisis, or if you are an SME that would like to enhance their recruiting methods with an efficient and highly optimised remote work enabled recruitment software solution you can get in touch with us below to discuss your options.

Wait, we're not finished yet! If you are a recruitment company directly recruiting for the workforce in this crisis such as NHS workers including GP staff, haulage drivers, food delivery drivers, supermarket workers, packers, pickers, pharmacy workers or anyone involved in recruiting for the upcoming surge of ventilation equipment / oxygen and jobs we can't even currently think of then our offer also extends to you.

Why are we doing this? In short we believe that everyone and every business has a part to play to help minimise the damage this crisis is having and will have on our economy. By offering a 50% reduction on our services we're doing our part to try and keep the recruitment industry as stable as possible and allow individuals and small businesses access to industry leading recruitment software that will help bolster the industry. We love the recruitment industry, most employees at Nodex have worked in it for twenty or so years and for us the bottom line is that if it collapses then our business takes a hit which is something we would like to avoid. While we would like to say our offer is completely altruistic we also have skin in the game and losses to mitigate, but, by helping each other navigate the storm we can possibly all come out of the other side of it stronger together.

Our expert staff have agreed flexible working hours to cope with the extra demand for our services in this time of need, which, has allowed us to offer a very short time-scale for rolling out your recruitment website / recruitment CRM software. In practice this means that in 1 - 3 days we can have your entire recruitment website and or recruitment CRM software / ATS moved to our platform enabling your business to work entirely from home if your situation requires it.

Included in every recruitment website is everything you need to operate a cohesive online recruitment agency including: Ultra fast and accurate job searching, quick CV Drop off functionality, an ultra fast and beautiful candidate registration form, job alerts and an efficient candidate account / profile area allowing your candidates to keep you up to date with their latest information and employment requirements. For a more comprehensive feature list please click here

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