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What to look for in a recruitment website design service

What should I look for in a recruitment website design service?

Choosing the right recruitment website design service can be a tricky undertaking. When searching the internet for vendors it can be daunting to know which platform is right for your business, afterall it's a very important decision for your company because it's essentially your shop front; the first thing your clients and candidates see when they visit you for your services. This article lists some of the requirements we believe are essential when choosing the right vendor.


There is absolutely no doubt that your recruitment website should be secure. Every day we are seeing more and more data breaches in the news. Your chosen recruitment website provider should demonstrate expert knowledge in cyber security, mitigation methods and overal awareness of their product and the platform it's based upon. There are many providers that choose to use off the shelf, free and insecure pieces of software to base their system on top of; essentially taking something free that's created with little or no regard for security, packaging it up with a pretty theme and charging you money for it. This kind of provider is very dangerous to your business as they don't have the technical knowledge to mitigate attacks such as database exploits that (in recruitment certainly) often contain enough information to clone a person's identity which exposes you as a business to massive fines under GDPR.


These days nobody likes to wait and that's never more true than on a webiste load time. When visiting this blog post you may have already noticed how fast the page loaded and how snappy it feels. Most recruitment website vendors think of performance as an afterthought, they mistakingly deem aesthetics trump performance. What they fail to realise is that if the user never enters the website (because they got bored waiting to long for the page to load) then they will never see the aesthetics of the website anyway thus making their argument null and void. Some recruitment website developers feel that you cannot have a good looking website that also has incredible performance and security, we feel those vendors have no business creating websites in our industry and they're just out to take your money without a care if they deliver you a good product or not.

Knowledge and Expertise

Your chosen recruitment website designer should be extremly knowledgable in the recruitment industry. Ideally they would have worked in recruitment for some or all of their career and know the candidate workflow. They should have excellent knowledge of databases, GDPR, data protection/privacy, search algorhytms, website best practices, SEO and social media marketing. An worthwhile vendor will constantly be updating their platform with the latest and greatest technology for your website allowing you to stay ahead of your competition when attacting clients and candidates to your services.

Strong portfolio

A proven track record of good recruitment website design is essential when choosing the right vendor. Your chosen vendor should have a varied design portfolio and some good demonstration examples of their work. If the vendor is charging you for a theme design then make sure they're actually designing your theme and not just using something for free that they found for free on the internet, which (as mentioned above) is most likely to be insecure and very slow. You should not have to pay for your vendors lazyness or incompetence!

External reviews

Social reinforcement is key when choosing a recruitment website development vendor. You should research your vendors carefuly making sure to look at their external reviews such as Trustpilot to gain a well rounded and balanced picture of their strengths and weaknesses, only then can you begin to start deciding if they are the right for your project.

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