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Content Ideas for Your Recruitment Website

Recruitment agencies are in a constant state of flux. They need to focus on candidates and clients, while updating their website with the latest information and campaigns. With so much happening in your business, it can be hard to come up with new content ideas for your recruitment agency website. However, having a blog that is updated often is integral to success. Here are a few ways you can get content ideas for your recruitment agency website.

Know your audience

Companies, recruiters and HR professionals are all part of our target audience. We want to provide valuable, engaging content that will help them with their day-to-day tasks.

Use Google Trends to find popular search terms

Google Trends is a useful resource for businesses that want to know how people are searching for information. You can see what terms are popular, which ones are rising or falling, and compare search trends over a certain period of time. Google Trends is especially valuable for recruitment agencies who need to know what their customer's wants and needs are.

Make an infographic

Infographics are an excellent way to get content ideas for your recruitment there's so many different ways you can use them! For example, you could make an infographic about the best places to work if you're hiring software developers. Or if you're recruiting for nurses, you could make an infographic about the dangers of drug misuse in healthcare settings! Infographics have been proven to be more engaging than text alone and they also provide much-needed information in a concise format.

Post seasonal content

People are on your website for hiring and updating their resume. They don't want to read about events that happened months ago. Post seasonal content so that people know of openings in the current season.

Share industry news that is relevant to your business

Think about the industry you work in and what is happening that may be applicable to your company. If there are any changes to recruitment regulations in your jurisdiction, they should be posted on your website.

Don't forget about recruitment agencies success stories

When a recruitment agency is successful, it's important for them to share their stories with job seekers and clients. Success stories are a great way to show potential candidates and clients that your recruitment agency is worth the investment.

Keep on top of trends in the recruitment industry

One way to create content for your recruitment website is by keeping up with the latest trends in the industry. This can be done through online searches, networking with other recruiters, and reading industry publications. You will find that some topics are more popular than others, and can make a great blog post. For example, if an article in Recruiter Magazine covers how to close more deals, you might want to write an article on how to close more deals.

Interviews with influential people in the industry

Interviewing people in the industry is a good way to start generating content ideas. Interviews are a great way to generate content that you can use across your recruitment agency website and social media platforms. It's worth interviewing influential people in the industry, like clients or candidates, managers of other recruitment agencies or human resource professionals. Interviews are also a good opportunity to get feedback on how your business is doing and what else you should be doing.

Competitions and giveaways

Create a competition on your blog to get more people involved. Offer a prize and announce the winner at the end of the month. You could also offer a giveaway of something specific (e.g., an iPad if you are recruiting for IT).


There are many different ways to come up with content ideas, some will work for your industry and some will not. Working out what does and doesn't work can be time consuming but once you hit the magic formula it's as simple as rinse and repeat.

The general idea is to generate good quality content that benefits the person reading it, this in turn is more likely to get shared on other websites, social media and syndication hubs which should generate not only traffic but also good quality and relevant backlinks to your website which will increase your search engine rankings which will not only bring you more traffic but will also increase your authority of particular subjects solidifying your rankings for them.

The ultimate goal is to rank as high as you possibly can in the search engines for a range of related topics in your industry so that your website always has a good chance of being visited for a users search query and ultimately converting that user in to a candidate or client.

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