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Recruitment Website Design for Recruiters & Agencies

We design and create the fastest, most secure, most accessible, highest featured and affordable websites for recruiters and recruitment agencies. Our recruitment websites are built using the very latest technology providing a fast, secure and GDPR compliant experience for your candidates.

Fabricruitment - our dedicated recruitment platform has been developed from the ground up, utilising more than 25 years of technical and practical recruitment expertise producing a first-class user experience for your candidates and clients. Our website platform offers the best functionality at the most competitive prices. No other vendor can match the accuracy, performance, security and standard audit scores of the recruitment websites we deliver to our clients. If you require a new website for your recruitment agency then get in touch and see how we can help you.

Our in-house Content Management System lets you manage your online presence with ease including Sitemap management, Cookie management, built in self service GDPR tooling, User management and much more.

Supporting all sizes of recruitment agency. We offer both turnkey designed recruitment website templates and custom recruitment website design. Our infrastructure is highly optimised for super-fast high traffic Job Boards and Career websites capable of scaling to hundreds of thousands of clients, candidates and jobs. The Fabricruitment platform is designed for first class performance, SEO, accessibility and best practices, which are unrivalled by any vendor in our industry. How does your website stack up? request an audit and find out today.

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Pioneering Recruitment CRM Software

FabricCRM by Nodex is an enterprise grade recruitment CRM/ATS platform built with ease of use, scalability and performance as core concepts. We combine state of the art searching and matching technology to return you your records quickly and efficiently.

Our recruitment platform is modular and designed to plug right in to your website which allows your candidates to seamlessly interface with your recruitment CRM to keep you up to date with their latest resumes, contact information, job availability and much more.

FabricCRM integrates your emails to give you a complete picture of past communications with Candidates, Contacts, Clients and Prospects.

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Enterprise Grade Job Board Software

Choosing Nodex as your job board website vendor will create better efficiency, performance and ROI for your job board or career portal. By maximising performance, efficiency and ease of use your candidates and clients will have a better experience increasing the likelihood of recommendations and repeat business.

Our platform is built with scale in mind and as such is capable of scaling to millions of Candidates, Advertisers, Jobs and Resumes while maintaining industry leading load times and search performance.

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Recruitment website templates

If you require a no fuss, low barrier to entry recruitment agency website template for your business then Nodex can help. With over 25 years experience in recruitment and recruitment technology we are best positioned to offer you beautiful, mobile friendly, SEO optimised, template based recruitment websites that are ready to go. You can have your website online in as little as 2 days.

Coupled with our powerful Content management system and other website platform tools you will have everything you need to grow your recruitment consultancy online and shine out from your competitors.

Widely regarded as the most comprehensive, highest featured and lowest cost recruitment website platform you can rest easy knowing you are in safe hands. See for yourself what our other clients think of our website platform and exemplary customer support. If you are looking for a new website for your recruitment agency see what we can do for you.

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6 important tips for your recruitment website in 2021

6 important tips for your recruitment website in 2021

Your recruitment website is your shop front or doorway to both your candidates and clients and as such should represent you in the best way possible. If you had a shop in your town/city centre which was rough and under maintained or had a faulty door which caused a slow flow of traffic then you would certainly try to do something to fix the problems so that your business could operate unhindered. Well your website is no different.

How To Drive Efficiency When Recruiting Remotely

How To Drive Efficiency When Recruiting Remotely

In the absence of face-to-face contact with candidates, robust systems are a must and existing processes need to be adapted for the virtual environment. It can be more challenging to build a rapport with candidates over video because deciphering body language and non-verbal skills is difficult.

Starting a recruitment business in 2020

Starting a recruitment business in 2020

No matter how we dress it up, 2020 has not gone to plan for many people. It is perfectly plausible that you started the year with the idea of setting up a recruitment agency. All plans were in place, and your vision was coming to life nicely. Then, along came COVID, and everyone's plans had to change. We had to move with the times and adapt, and the way everybody conducted business had to change somewhat. However, now the world is slowly returning to normal, plans are beginning to resume and progress can be made once again. We at Nodex are here to help you get back on track and make up some of the time lost due to operational restrictions.

How important is recruitment website design?

How important is recruitment website design?

As a recruitment agency, the importance of having a strong and clear online presence is unparalleled. Let's explore why engaging recruitment website design and creative recruitment website development is of massive importance to your recruitment business. We will also delve into the best recruitment website templates for 2020!