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Recruitment website design & development experts

Nodex creates high performance recruitment websites built using the very latest technology to provide a fast, secure and GDPR compliant Recruitment website for your recruitment agency.

Unlike most of our competitors we do not hack together off the shelf (and often free) plugins for your recruitment website design. Instead we use our dedicated recruitment platform that we have built from scratch specifically to bring together candidate and recruiter. We design and develop the best recruitment website templates to give your recruitment agency the edge it deserves to succeed.

If you're looking for a highly functional, mobile friendly recruitment website for your recruitment company you have come to the right place. We cater from small business online recruitment website templates to super-fast high traffic Job Boards and Career websites capable of scaling to hundreds of thousands of clients, candidates & jobs and everything in between. Our recruitment website templates have first class performance, SEO, accessibility and best practices, which are unrivalled by any vendor in our industry.

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Pioneering Recruitment CRM Software

FabricCRM by Nodex is an enterprise grade recruitment CRM/ATS platform built with ease of use, scalability and performance as core concepts. We combine state of the art searching and matching technology to return you your records quickly and efficiently.

Our platform is modular and plugs right in to your website which allows your candidates a seemless interface to your CRM to keep you up todate with their latest resumes, contact information, job availability and much more.

FabricCRM integrates your emails to give you a complete picture of past communications with Candidates, Contacts, Clients and Prospects.

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Recruitment CRM Software

Enterprise Grade Job Board Software

Choosing Nodex as your job board website vendor will create better efficiency, performance and ROI for your job board or career portal. By maximising performance, efficiency and ease of use your candidates and clients will have a better experience increasing the liklyhood of recommendations and repeat business.

Our platform is built with scale in mind and as such is capable of scaling to millions of Candidates, Advertisers, Jobs and Resumes while maintaining industry leading load times and search performance.

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Job Board Software

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