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Get started with your own GDPR ready, secure recruitment website today starting at just £60 per month.

Give your new project the fastest and most secure recruitment platform as its firm footing to give your business the best chance of success.

Platform Highlights

GDPR Ready

With GDPR in full swing can you afford to not be ready?. Most recruiters we talk to on the subject believe that GDPR won't effect them or won't apply once we leave the EU - this cannot be further from the truth. Recruitment will be one of the hardest hit sectors under GDPR purely due to the nature of the data it collects, which, given a data breach can be used for all sorts of nefarious purposes. Our platform provides you with everything you will need to adhere to GDPR requirements including all the technical aspects that other solutions often overlook. Show more...

Dedicated Recruitment Platform

Unlike most of our competitors we do not hack together off the shelf (and often free) plugins for your recruitment website design. Instead we use our dedicated recruitment platform that we have built from scratch specifically to bring together candidate and recruiter. Being a closed source system our development loop is not only tight but also iterative which gives you great piece of mind when it comes to flexibility and security, unfortunately the same cannot be said for most other systems available. Another great benefit of using a dedicated platform is extensibility; show more...

Job Search Experts

If you're looking for a highly functional and mobile friendly recruitment website for your recruitment company, you have come to the right place. Catering for small business online recruitment websites to super-fast high traffic Job Boards and Career websites capable of scaling to hundreds of thousands of clients, candidates and jobs. Our engineers have specialised in recruitment website design for over 10 years, building and hosting some of the fastest mobile friendly recruitment websites and job boards on the internet. Show more...

Speed & Relevance Matter

Our recruitment platform is bleeding edge, combining Location and Keyword based searching with advanced search filtering technology usually reserved for high-end (and expensive) enterprise scale systems. We utilise pioneering technologies in our core searching systems to deliver accurate and relevant search results to your candidates faster and more efficiently than any of our competitors. By adopting Nodex technologies for your recruitment agency you can stay ahead of the field and deliver not only a highly optimised website but also an optimal solution for your end users. Show more...

Mobile First Design

Our recruitment website designs are beautifully crafted to scale on mobile devices. With over 74% of candidates searching for jobs on their smartphone or tablet, mobile devices account for a staggering one fifth of web traffic. At Nodex mobile friendly design is not just and afterthought, it's part of our core design. We adopt an industry smashing mobile first approach to our unique custom built themes so you can be confident that your website will look great on all devices large or small and not look like a cheap free template with some colors changed around! Your recruitment website design is the public face of your online recrutiment company and for many the first time they will see your brand. Show more...

First Class Security

Our technology stack and infrastructure position us uniqely to provide security of the highest level. Our top two priorities are performance and security and we never compromise on either for anything. When you sign up with us we purchase and install your first SSL certificate free of charge. SSL certificates are integral to maintaining secure communications between your users and your website as they encrypt the traffic in transit and prevent data sniffing based attacks. Show more...

Core Platform Features

Superior Search Accuracy

Typical recruitment solutions use outdated technology to power their searching which deliver inaccurate search results. Our best in class solution uses the very latest and best software in our recruitment website platform technology stack to deliver the right results to your candidates, elevating you above the competition.

Mobile Optimised

Beautiful websites built to work on all devices with an optimised user-experience as part of your mobile friendly recruitment website design. Your rankings will also gain a bump due to several recent updates to the Google algorhythms which favour mobile friendly websites.

Candidate Registration

Candidates can register themselves on your website and keep their information up to date via their own account page. Candidates can store CV's to their account for easier & quicker job applications.

Job Shortlist

Candidates have the ability to add multiple jobs to a shortlist which they can then review and apply for all, or, part of the list. Shortlists greatly enhance job application efficiency as it allows the candidate to only fill out one application form for multiple jobs.

Job Alerts

Current and potential candidates can create job alerts to be informed of any positions matching their search criteria. With our industry smashing seartch filtering candidates are able to create highly tailored queries to alert them when a new job matching their criteria is added to the system. Alerts can be managed via the candidate account.

Retina Ready

Recruitment websites designed with HiDPi crisp images and Scalable Vector Graphics will make your website stand out from the crowd for candidates and clients browsing on hi-resolution devices. Promote your brand in the way it deserves with a stunning website from Nodex.

Unrivalled Performance

Our websites typically load in about 0.5 seconds which is in the top 1-3% of the world and are unrivalled by any recruitment solution we have found. So you can be confident that your candidates and clients will get the fastest possible website experience available today.

Social Media Data + Microdata

Our recruitment websites are heavily optimised for social media sharing; your jobs and pages will look stunning on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and many more. Backing this up we have Rich Snippets which describe your jobs and pages for display on sites like Google for jobs.

CV Drop

Allow your candidates to quickly submit their resume to you using a no hassle, no fuss modern upload mechanism via your website.

Search Filters

Our search filtering is second to none. We utilise the very latest technology to allow your candidates to filter down their job search results quickly and efficiently in turn boosting engagement, interactivity and delivering your clients and candidates what they require both quickly and efficiently.

Live Chat

Interact with your clients and candidates with a stylish real-time chat widget. Research has showed time and time again that a better engaged end user is more likely to use your service.

UK Postcode Lookup

Our platform enables candidates to enter their postcode into a box and have the system lookup their address which they can select to populate fields, saving them time and possible mistakes.

Local Train Stations

When a job is added to the system our platform automatically gathers local train station/stop information and stores it with the job to show to candidates quickly and efficiently.

Bus Stops

When a job is added to the system our platform automatically gathers the closest bus stop information so that candidates can easily plan their route or know if a job has good public transport.

Local Schools

When a job is added to the system our platform automatically gathers the closest school information in the area so that candidates can easily see available education options should they need to relocate.

Intuitive Modern Adminstration Interface

Pricing Options

Nominal setup fee

We operate a Pay Monthly solution for our recruitment platform. Pricing for this starts with a one off nominal setup fee of £99 plus £60 per month. This has everything you need to operate your recruitment website, including: our stellar professional website hosting, daily website backups, minimal website updates and email support. This is our preferred method of sale as it balances out the risk of a large outlay between both you and us, thus freeing cashflow to allow you to concentrate on marketing your services. We also offer more comprehensive monthly packages tailored to suit your needs. Please get in contact to discuss your options with one of our experts today.

Higher Setup Fee

If you prefer to pay an initial build fee to remove the contract tie in then we can certainly accomodate that. Our initial build fee starts From £300. Included in your package is everything listed in the Nominal Fee Setup with the main difference being the length of your initial contract. If you would like to discuss available options please get in contact.

Please note that the setup fee is dependant on theme and services / functionality required for your project. Each project is quoted on an individual basis

Please get in contact to discuss your options with one of our experts today.